Chocolate cake, rose petals.

Chocolate Esfahan


  • 1 kg/1000 ml of simple, no filling, Chocolate Ice Cream

  • 250 gr of baked Hazelnuts – diced roughly

  • 20 gr of edible Yellow Rose Petals

  • 50 gr of Dark Chocolate


      1. Take the ice cream box out of the freezer and leave it out at room temperature until it softens up a bit so that you can mix in the hazelnuts.

      1. In the meantime take advantage and dice your hazelnuts quite roughly. It will take you a little bit of time taking into consideration the fact that you have to be careful because they can splash here and there while you cut into them… Save about 50 gr to use as garnishing later on!

      1. Once your ice cream is ready, pour your hazelnuts into it and stir everything really well.

      1. After everything is well combined, line a pound cake tin with some plastic foil and pour into the tin your ice cream mixture. Cover it really well with the plastic foil / cling film, so that no air gets in and pop it back in the freezer until it firms up (at least 2 – 3 hours). Even overnight might be a good ideea and if you are preparing this for a party you could also make it a few days ahead.

      1. When you want to serve your dessert, just take it out of the freezer and have your hazelnuts and petals ready. Take it out of the tin and unwrap it from the plastic foil, placing it on a nice long platter.

      1. Top it with the rose petals and the remaining chopped hazelnuts and grate the dark chocolate over it. Serve it to your guests and enjoy all the uuuu’s and wooooow’s you’ll get! They don’t have to know that you bought the ice cream… We won’t tell! 😉

Prep time: 20 min

Total time: 3h – 3h 5 min


  • If you want to store your mixed ice cream you can do so and it will last in your freezer for the same amount of time it is written on the original box that the ice cream came in.

  • You can also use this without the rose petals if it’s hard for you to find them where you live.

Tip: You can use any other kind of ice cream for this recipe. Just pick your favourite flavour!

Here is a video with a similar recipe being prepared! 


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